A Revolutionary Installation

Sound Leisure’s sound installation at FX Leisure group fitness clubs is said to be revolutionary. At the FX club, Stalybridge, Versatile Video Foreground music allows gym users to choose from thousands of video tracks whilst the correct ambience within the club is also maintained.

FX Leisure owns five clubs in the North of England and approached SL with the dilemma of how to allow customers the freedom to choose their own music, while ensuring that the music was suitable for the time of day, or type of activities going on.

Versatile Video installed system in the manager’s office was the SL solution, with full profiling of the music for every session of the day. A networked, separate remote selector unit was fitted into the public area of the gym where customers choose from the selection of profile tracks available.

“Both customer and staff reaction to this new system has been overwhelming,” says Keith Belshaw, FX Leisure ‘s Operations Manager. “The system gives us the best of both worlds in that we can profile the unit to play the exact tracks that we believe are correct for a specific period within our club and also still allow our customers the choice of over a thousand tracks to listen.”

Customers are said to revel in the fact that they have a choice of music and do not have to wear earphones. Music is selected via a touch screen and as an overall result, the clubs are gaining new members.