About us

About us [music-tv]

GEMMProductions opened their Dubai office in 2010 with a mission to bring a completely different level of fun & sophistication to how we listen to music.

Music crosses cultures, race, age and gender and GEMM’s aim is to bring affordable music and it various delivery mechanisms, to those who desire it. GEMM’s depth of knowledge and experience is multi-faceted. We provide background music & video services for retailers, franchises & hoteliers wishing to improve their core product or service offering by enhancing and managing their music environments. GEMM also provides a near-casting service delivering legal music and videos into hotels and apartments, as well as valuable additional revenue streams for the owners.

We represent true nostalgia, and include the iconic hand crafted British jukeboxes from Sound Leisure in our range of CD and state-of-the-art touchscreen digital jukeboxes. By choosing to work only with legal music and great artisans we have been able to focus on our service, your individuality and our quality – elements not always found in our region.

GEMM makes your music experience as personal and unique as you are. Spreading our wings further and fuelling Gael’s passion for memorabilia, from time-to‐time we are also custodians of amazing nostalgic artifacts and are called upon by private clients to source desired objects. GEMM is committed to excellence in service and fair pricing.