Digital jukeboxes are a lot smarter than your average mp3 player, allowing your guests to choose the tracks they want while giving you ultimate control over the range of music offered.

Digital Jukebox music packages attract customers and increase revenues.

GEMMProductions are exclusive suppliers to the Sound Leisure range of digital jukeboxes in the Middle East, Levant and Africa. Sound Leisure are the leading jukebox company in the UK and Europe. With over 16,000 digital jukeboxes in the market making millions of pounds for venues every year.

A digital jukebox generates income both directly, via customers paying to listen to their favourite tracks, and indirectly, by encouraging customers to spend time and money at your venue.

Digital jukeboxes with GEMM’s bespoke music packages give you the ability to tailor your atmosphere to suit your brand’s identity.

Our passion for music, combined with an excellent relationship have with our content provider, mean we receive pre-release content at the same time as radio and MTV, along with exclusive material. read more

Our digital jukeboxes generate more money than any other jukebox service. Our proprietary software, touch screen technology and exhaustive range of tracks from perennial classics to the latest hits, deliver an exceptional customer experience.

  • Ultimate control over jukebox playlists
  • Create significant additional revenue
  • Regular updates
  • Bespoke packages
  • Early pre-release and exclusive content
  • Library of over 7 million tracks
  • Market leaders

We love Jukeboxes! Having a celebration? Make it an occasion to remember and party the night away to your favourite songs from rock to pop and everything in between. Whether you love our retro classic jukeboxes or our state-of-the-art digital touchscreen jukeboxes, we have something for everyone.

Our newest addition is our sleek and ultra-modern digital touchscreen GEMMpod, with over 30,000 tracks, we can tailor the jukebox to match your event, whether it is a glam rock event from the 70’s or a reggae night, we can create custom playlists and themed music to take you and your guests through the evening. And, its not a DJ so it doesn’t go home at midnight. It will just play and play and play.

If you would like to take advantage of our range of jukeboxes for your advertising or marketing campaigns, film shoot, exhibition stand or product launch, call us! For over 30 years our jukeboxes have been used in film and events. Did you catch our beautiful digital nostalgia in Cheryl Coles video? For further information and to discuss your ideas for integrating jukeboxes with your plans give us a call today.


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