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Create An Engaging New Revenue Stream Today…

…With your own ‘branded’ music entertainment and information television channel.

For the first time, the management of hotels and serviced apartments can have their very own branded music entertainment channel. Using the ‘killer-content’ of music you can now communicate with your guests in a unique and captivating way.

The music on your branded television channel will actively engage your guests and no longer will they use the remote to turn away from your info-mercials. Just how easy it is to create an in-room entertainment & information television channel for your properties? And, what are the benefits?


Music transcends age, gender, race and nationality. Music connects us. Playing music and music videos on your very own branded TV channel is unique medium, which will engage your audience and create unique communication opportunities. With all the promotional and advertising capabilities associated with owning your own TV channel through broadcast quality TV commercials. Sight, sound, and motion, all of which can combine to enhance your brand and drive income.  And the sweetest part?  We do it all for you.


Historically, hardware and content costs have made investing in your own TV channel an unrealistic dream. While digital signage has hinted at the possibilities it is, at best, ‘moving-wall-paper’.

By adding the all important music and music video content GEMMProductions has created the opportunity for you to become TV ‘narrowcaster’.

The only ‘radical’ change with our technology is the cost.  What others would charge hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars to set up your brands’ TV channel, can be installed and running for a fraction of this cost.


Managers need to innovate to increase revenue, marketers need to innovate to be able to effectively communicate their message to a well- defined target market. Our simply packaged music, entertainment and information television channel available in all rooms creates a unique communication opportunity and an entirely new revenue opportunity.

  • As a ‘narrowcaster’ your branded in-room TV channel connects would-be advertisers to your very well defined and discerning guests.
  • In the last decade the Internet has changed the advertisers connect with their target market.
  • However, TV is still the media king and TVCs are remains the most powerful tool to reach the consumer.
  • You can now own this medium, and for no effort or additional capital outlay you have created a significant additional pure profit centre.

Whether you subscribe to IPTV or not, your branded music entertainment and information channel could be up within a matter of hours.

“In 14 years in the industry this has been, by far, the easiest and fastest installation!” ~ IT Manager, Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City


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