Stockeld Park - Wetherby

The Christmas Adventure opened on 23rd October and will remain open until 3rd January.

Enchanted Walk was bought to life by adding sounds to the experience. The fabulous lights in and around the lake can be appreciated even more with the well chosen ‘mood’ music now subtly eminating from several loudspeaker positions, making the whole experience more memorable.More interesting for the kids (and the big kids) are the illuminated characters that they meet along the trail – the scary Ogre that now growls as they approach it, the talking tree that actually talks to you, howling wolves, hooting owls, cackling witches, moaning trolls, a book of spells that talks on request and Figgy Puddings House (this one is not to be missed) – All of these attractions speak to you during your walk, some triggered by sensors as you pass by, others on a request to press a bell push (or not !!!)Stockeld Park’s Enchanted Walk is not to be missed, every child should get the opportunity to enjoy the experience on the run up to Christmas.

Visit the café and shop, drop a letter in Santa’s Post Box – it will talk to you on receipt of the posted letter – how good is that ?