THE GREAT XSCAPE : PART 2 The Sequel : Xscape Braehead

Continuing the success of the huge installation of 24 “Bubble” Plasma screens at Xscape Castleford, the success has been rolled out to Xscape in Braehead, Scotland.

A 200m snow slope is the key feature of all the Xscape venues however the experience is unique in offering extreme leisure activities such as skateboarding, snowboarding and climbing as well as retail units, restaurants, bars and cinemas. This fusion of leisure and retail works really well and the venues themselves are stunning with a fresh modern design and. Perfect for dayglo bubble screens!

Rather than the conventional Plasma screens Xscape have learnt to be creative with their screens and at both Castleford and Braehead, have invested in large 32” bubble screens from Sound Leisure. The various selection of vibrant colours and the fact that they ‘glow’ brightly, make them visibly more attractive and interesting to the public. The screens display extreme sports footage and are interspersed with in-house Xscape offers, promotions and adverts.

Sound Leisure’s touch screen lollipops have been introduced at all three Xscape centres offering elements of their website and specific centre information.