We love music, and we love the look and sound of the grand old vintage jukeboxes.  A jukebox from us will last a lifetime and be something to be treasured for years. It’s all in the detail…

TheJukeboxGallery Story

We insist on sticking to the very best techniques and components for our hand built Classic Jukebox Gallery range. Every element of our jukebox is created from the finest traditional materials and because we manufacture each jukebox individually we’re happy to tailor it to meet your exact requirements. Our ‘Custom Shop’ can add bespoke cabinet veneers and colours, or create logo’s and artwork to your specification.

Quality that is second to none

In todays world of mass production it is increasingly important to maintain the build quality traditionally associated with these magnificent machines. We have accumulated decades of knowledge and skills, passed from one generation to the next. We work hard to keep these crafts alive in order to ensure our jukeboxes are built to the highest quality.

Did you know…

Our bubble-tube protective casings are made from the same polycarbonate as riot shields used by police forces worldwide.  Our solid aluminum castings are copper/nickel and chrome plated, not the cheap sprayed plastic versions most commonly used today. This not only makes them hard wearing but also ensures the door assembly remains structurally sound, just like the originals. 

Uniquely, our jukebox back-cabinet shells are formed from one wooden component in the same way as a Steinway piano. This makes them extremely strong and durable as there are no ‘manufactured’ weak areas and most importantly, it ensures high quality resonance of sound. Cheap and easy but not good enough for a Classic in TheJukeboxGallery range.


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